1. squarehead94

    New (used) car suggestions.

    Looking to get a car in the new year. I do deliveries so over 15k miles per year. Requirements are: 55+ mpg urban driving (short journeys along with odd long journeys Under 6 years old Under 100k Under £30/Year tax What should I look for? Reliability and comfort essential, so far looked at...
  2. emilybutcher

    Screen wash fuse 2014 1.4 TDI

    Hi all, My screen wash has stopped working (no longer hear the motor sound, although the wipers still move) and I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some advice on how to fix it? Unfortunately I don't know anything about cars, but from googling I have seen that it could just be a...
  3. Housey

    The Polo Owners Thread!!!

    There seems to be a few of us lucky enough to afford (or in my case lease, I'm not at the owning level yet in my life sadly) these fantastic supercars and having seen a few posts of late about VW's supercar, I felt we should have our own thread! So here is your chance to create envy amongst our...
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