1. A.P

    Faulty Item Repair

    I am looking to buy a monitor from OCUK and just wanted some further clarification. If I get the monitor and the item is faulty after 30 days (as i understand it, I can get a refund or replacement within 30 days if there's a fault), and I send it in for repairs, who pays for the repair ? Is it...
  2. barrelofwine

    Snail mail

    Is it just my impression or the Royal mail is not coping very well during this crisis? I'm awaiting a few deliveries shipped by 1st and 2nd class and they are late. Anyone had similar experiences? I'm in London.
  3. Infiltrator

    Use The Right Couriers To Ship Goods

    Guys, just a tip. Whenever buying or selling your hardware, 'DO NOT' use 'ParcelForce'. Their insurance service relies on the recipient filling out a questionaire and if they're disgruntled and they don't fill it out you get 'zero'. ParcelForce abuse parcels in transit. My Samsung Odysee was...
  4. csprv

    Any parcel collection locker service around London?

    Hi! Are there any parcel lockers around London that I can get any parcel delivered to? I found one called InPost but apparently it only works with online shopping websites that have an option for delivery to InPost parcel lockers. Back in Australia we used to be able to freely collect parcels...
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