power adapters

  1. SoSea

    Moving to Korea

    I'm moving to Korea in the near future. How would you suggest I sort out shipping my pc out there? Also I am wondering what I should do re:changing my pc's power supply. Thanks
  2. Tysonator

    Network Power Adapters

    Hello Everyone, I am moving my PC tower to another room in my home and the problem I now have is network connection of my tower PC to the router and the outside world. Are the 2 items below are what I need to purchase ! ? As I have my PC tower next to the router the cable is quite short...
  3. Alfred Li

    Dual Molex to 6 pin

    Does anyone have experience with this? The card in question is an R9 270X. I have an OEM 475W PSU, with only one 6-pin connector, not enough for the card. The power supply is as the image below. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  4. Rohanbantam

    3070 power supply/connectors advice please :)

    Hi, my current power supply has a 6+2 pin to 8 pin connector which I used with my 2060super but I managed to get a 3070 which has an 8pin so that works across fine but also a 6 pin slot. My PSU also has 2 4 pin molex and 2 sata 15pin slots I could use to connect the 6 pin slot on the GPU with if...
  5. Christopher11

    ATX12VO PSU or Adapter?

    I recently bought an i7-10700 Acer Aspire TC-895 which was going cheap due to having a damaged box. I also bought a new graphics card which requires a bigger PSU (the one included is only 180W). After buying a Corsair TX650M I realised that the connectors for the new PSU are not compatible. It...
  6. Hypermale

    Graphics card power connectors

    I'm thinking of upgrading my graphics card. I currently have a VTX3D Radeon R9 390, which is powered buy 1x 8-pin PCIe and 1x 6-pin PCIe power cables from my Corsair 750W CS Series PSU. I am considering buying a Radeon 5700 XT but I notice the cards have different power connectors depending on...
  7. Quartz

    180 degree PCIe power connectors

    I recently learned of 180 degree power connectors for GPUs. Unfortunately OCUK don't stock them, so to help @OcUK - PREDATOR guage interest I thought I'd start this thread. I purchased these: They come as a pair. One is right-handed, the other left-handed. They're also available in 6 pin...
  8. Dan M90

    MSI Dominator, what new power supply should I get?

    I've had the MSI GT726QD Dominator G for a couple of years now, and for the last few months whenever I am playing games I need to take the power supply out and run off battery, as the graphics goes a funny rainbow scrambled effect - even on the lowest settings and on games that previously worked...
  9. Swordfish

    dLAN 500 WiFi Setup questions

    I'm about to setup a home network using the dLan Wifi power adapters. The current setup is a little but of a mess as detailed below. Virgin router ---> Cisco Access point ) ) ) ) to wifi adapters. My thinking is that the Access point is not required and that if I connect the master dLan to...
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