power supply cables

  1. BurtKrussel

    Corsair RM1000X custom cable recommendations

    Hello guys, Recently bought a new fully modular power (Corsair RM1000X) and I am looking to get some custom cables for my build. I've heard of Cablemod but I am open to other manufacturers, hopefully with glowing recommendations considering these are involved with power distribution. Ideally...
  2. Christopher11

    ATX12VO PSU or Adapter?

    I recently bought an i7-10700 Acer Aspire TC-895 which was going cheap due to having a damaged box. I also bought a new graphics card which requires a bigger PSU (the one included is only 180W). After buying a Corsair TX650M I realised that the connectors for the new PSU are not compatible. It...
  3. Orlando Ford

    what Superflower PSU cables are compatible with which PSUs

    I have a Superflower Leadex II (modular PSU) but I'm not sure what cables I can use with this unit is there any specific limitations on what modular cables can be used with what (i.e. using a different brand's or third party cables), is there any limitations?
  4. Sir Stallion

    NZXT C750

    Hi al, I just received the NZXT C750 PSU that comes with 2x 4+4 pin for CPU power cables but I have just realised that my Motherboard X570 Tomahawk comes with a cpu 8+4 pin connector. I have read many discussions on the web some say only the 8pin is required and some people saying they are...
  5. Stalast

    PSUs that come with fancy individually sleeved cables

    I noticed that the Corsair SF450 and SF600 platinum power supplies come stock with individually sleeved cables (see picture for reference), which is fantastic. I was wondering if anyone knew of other PSU brans and models that do this too? It seems like great value if you wanted to get sleeved...
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