1. James E

    Best desktop under £3000

    Hi Guys, What Pre-built or custom PC spec would you recommend, for best performance up to £3000? I mainly play X-Plane 11, Gta V, Euro truck etc. I also want it to be pretty future proof for things such as the new Microsoft flight simulator. Any advice on a build that fits those requirements...
  2. Roguey000

    Will X570 prices drop any-time soon?

    hi there, I just wondered anyone knows if X570 boards will see a price-drop any-time soon? I wondered because X570 isnt the highest desktop core count any-more. So thought maybe the price might come down a little? isnt B550 supposed to be out soon? I guess that wont really affect X570 prices...
  3. 4K8KW10

    Trip to Rarotonga, Cook Islands?

    So, has anyone been in Avarua, Rarotonga recently? How is the Island? Hotels, prices? I see that the flights from Europe via Doha and New Zealand are not expensive.
  4. 0Steve.Walker0

    Advice please "shadow streaming" Vs building a setup

    Just for discussion or advice please be nice I'm currently using an old pc to run shadow game streaming I have no issues with the service and I understand the draw backs don't want a lecture about how good or bad it is that's for another post I'm considering building a new pc for a project...
  5. MiSJAH

    Alternatives to Virgin Media's 200Mb/s?

    After consulting the U-Switch site for my postcode BD10 the maximum speed from an alternative provider is 76Mb/s. Are there any smaller lesser known fibre providers for the Bradford area? Only thinking of leaving as I started off paying £39 a month less than a year ago and it's been ramped up...
  6. ComputationalThinker101

    Price Increase

    Could someone help me out? I recently decided to uprgrade my old gaming computer as it is in need of urgent replacement and came across overclockers uk’s custom pc build configurator. I put in my desired spec, which was: - i5-8600k - Gigabyte B360 HD3 - Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Glass Midi tower - 2...
  7. Ja93

    GPU prices

    Hi, Im looking to upgrade my GPU from a 7950. Im aware that prices for GPUs got crazy for a while, but I'm wondering if they still are? I don't follow the market closely and cant remember the price ranges of the past, and I dont want to upgrade if they're going to get a lot cheaper within the...
  8. csber3

    That's an interesting price difference on a 1080...

    Overclockers has the GEFORCE GTX 1080 WINDFORCE listed at £589.99 but on a different site (not sure i am allowed to mention it) I can see it listed at £479.99. That's a hell of a price difference for the same card. I thought overclockers prices were usually the best, no?
  9. Brian Naughton

    What is up with the extremely overpriced delivery costs?

    Is this a joke? 8.70 Pounds for just UK shipping for two sticks of Ram (which I have got before from OCUK and literally fit into an envelope) For a product that is 74 pounds anyway, that is a complete joke, and that's the cheapest option. Then I have to pay for AN Post to collect it and bring it...
  10. Gibbo


    Hi there As is well known memory prices have being consistently increase the past few months and continue to do so, however as always OcUK enjoys bucking the trend and we have some totally amazing pricing on DDR4 DRAM that undercuts our competitors. Even better all our DRAM deals are using...
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