primochill vue

  1. eapease

    DUAL CUSTOM LOOP Watercooled PC with Primochill VUE Sky Blue & Primochill VUE Crimson

    PC Name: Room With A VUE https://************.com/b/LVmqqs PC PART PICKER FULL PART LIST ^^^^^^ Link To Youtube Full Build Video ~~~~~~~~~~ I would love some feedback as this is my first ever experience watercooling! Upon completion of my...
  2. Bullshark

    Primochill VUE Release date?

    Hi All, Does anyone have any ideas as to when the VUE coolant from primochill will be out. I have seen the tweet at the start of september stating it will be out around 30 days which lands us around current day for release. It is awesome looking stuff that I'd love to put in my build so...
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