1. OnlyAlex

    Uninstalling & Reinstalling HP Printer on Windows 11

    Hi everyone, I was having an issue with my HP Printer web services as I subscribe to HP Instant Ink, so I reset the printer and removed the HP Smart App from my Windows 11 Laptop & removed the Printer from the device manager. After resetting the Printer I re-installed HP Smart App which wasn't...
  2. megatron

    New printer needed.

    I have a HP Envy Pro 6400 and its more hastle than its worth. I have been looking at the Epson Eco-tank range but I read about the Brother laserjet series being the best but its more expensive and takes up more space. The problem with my printer is that it has print cartridges which dry up...
  3. ristac

    Laser Printer Suggestions Please

    I have an old HP Laser Jet 3055 mono printer and it has done everything I have wanted it to but it is time to replace it. The copy and scan functions have vanished from Windows 11, device drivers seem to be a problem, I think it's just time to upgrade. My budget is no more than £300 although if...
  4. kevin dixon

    printer for orders of service

    Hi I currently use a printing firm online digital printing the quality of the orders of service are fantastic!! But a couple of times they have let me down on timescales so i was thinking about getting a printer as a back up. i know it will be expensive ish! we normally use 350gsm paper and its...
  5. Matt D

    A4 Photo Printer

    Hi there, I currently sell photo prints online (as an additional hobby, not a job) and want to look into buying a printer that I can use to facilitate this. Online photo printing becomes quite expensive and tricky with shipping turnaround etc so isn't an option unfortunately. The next best...
  6. itm

    Epson CX11NF laser smearing output with toner (toner recently replaced)

    I recently replaced the black toner cartridge on my Epson CX11NF multifunction. It's been fine for a few weeks, but is now smearing every printed page with a large streak of black/grey toner (a bit like a skidmark running from the top to the bottom of the page) - see image here...
  7. pburrows145

    Semi industrial printer for a4/3 prints and gift cards

    Hi everyone - this is my first post (here’s hoping someone can help). My wife is about to re-launch her Etsy shop and previously we used for a bulk of our orders which provided very nice deliverables. However, she would now like to move into custom design and offer faster...
  8. TooDry

    Need help with page yields! I have tried looking for this information everywhere, but with no luck!

    What would I like to accomplish? I am trying to find out the page yield for the ink cartridges noted below. Any help would be appreciated. Models I am currently looking at? HP 711 Ink Cartridge 80ml (k), 29ml (c), 29ml (m) and 29ml (y) Canon 300ml Ink tank PFI-320 in mk, k, c, m and y Canon...
  9. Topspy

    Printer does not print

    This may sound a bit odd but my wife is having a problem with her printer.It will print when she is using her Apple ipad but not when using her laptop.It will print when I am using my laptop and it is listed in devices and printers on my laptop so the printer does work but not when we try to...
  10. randompunk

    Recommendations for a Printer to Print Address Labels

    Hi All, Would anyone be able to advise me on a good all round printer that is efficient on ink and that is capable to print on adhesive labels that would be used as address labels. This is for office needs not home use. Thanks in advance, Lee
  11. MarcAML

    Printer that prints on card - potentially A3?

    Hi, looking for a printer that prints well on card, had a couple of printers previously that jam when you get anywhere near 300gsm. Keen to not spend too much money. Would need it to be wireless and if it was to be A3 too that would be a bonus! Appreciate thoughts. Thanks.
  12. Mel_P

    paper crumpling along one edge on "old" HP4050

    Hello, had this printer for "yonks". Suddenly the paper coming out has about a cm crumpling on the LH side. It's "obviously" something in the feed. I looked everywhere I can and cannot see any trapped paper or damage roller etc. The paper path seems to be clean. Sometimes the paper cpmes...
  13. jenny0594

    Looking for quality compatible laser toner - Does this exist?

    Hi I currently own 2 xerox versalink c400n laser printers for my business. We go through a high volume of ink and its costing a small fortune and making my margins extremely tight as its £168 incl vat for 1 extra high capacity toner £672 for the set. My business requires it to colour quality...
  14. Anchundan

    Any experts on the ancient language of Visual Basic (VB6) on here?

    Hi, Hopefully this is an easy one! I've narrowed down a printing issue I have and have created a very small project to try to explain it. I'm using the common dialog control to choose a printer. I have a Command Button that shows the printers. I have an Option Button that selects either...
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