1. jwilliamson47

    Alder Lake Upgrade Lian Li 011 Dynamic

    Hi, I'm debating about upgrading my system from an 8700K to Alder Lake CPU. The problem is the Corsair AIO will not support the platform and they aren't going to provide a bracket. Would it be better to go AM4 instead as that is supported or get a new cooler? It's a shame Corsair doesn't...
  2. i know nothing

    Cracked screen on Xiaomi Poco F2 Pro

    As title, my screen is cracked.:( It's annoying me and I'm wondering what my options are. 100% sure it will require replacement, but where/who do I go to for that? Rest of phone is fine. Any advice much appreciated.:)
  3. Migon

    Which Fan to 4-pin?

    Have DRP4 on 9900ks with 2 CPU fans on Y-splitter to CPU FAN socket - Which fan (inner 135 or outer 120) should I connect to 4-pin connector, the other has 3 pins only? regards Matt
  4. basktm

    2012 MacBook Pro upgrade advise please

    One for you computer tech guys. I have a 2.9g i7 MacBook Pro mid 2012 and looking to upgrade. (Serial C1MKW5CGDTY4) So the questions are 1. Which ram is best, looking at the 16g(2x8) of the hyperX 1600mhz (is this the fastest it will take ? ) 2. Slightly more complicated this one, SSD...
  5. pete_agreatguy

    X570 - Asus ROG Hero VIII or Prime Pro?

    Other than 2x extra SATA ports, and extra USB 3.2 ports on the rear IO ... exactly what are the perks of owning a ROG compared to the Prime series? Are the components different in terms of build quality on the ROG? What justifies the £150 price difference between these boards? I'm struggling...
  6. markymoo

    Do I need to purchase Windows 10 again?

    I own Windows 7 Pro (boxed version, not OEM) I upgraded for free to Windows 10 I have since changed graphics card, processor and memory, no isssues. However, I wondered where I would be for a full system upgrade? Am I stuck with Windows 7 Pro (as the free upgrade to 10 has expired) The W7 Pro...
  7. jwilliamson47

    Bitfenix Spectre Pro RGB Fans Thoughts?

    Anyone tried these fans? They seem pretty cheap compared to the competition but unsure if they're any good. Cheers
  8. jwilliamson47

    Corsair H115i Pro RGB vs NZXT Kraken X62

    Out of the two options mentioned in the title, which would you recommend in terms of cooling, noise, reliability, warranty and looks? Thanks.
  9. Skankie

    What's The Difference In These 2 MSI Laptops?

    Hi all, After much research and looking around I'm ready to pull the trigger on an MSI laptop. BUT - can someone actually tell me the difference between these two? and ** No Competitors ** Both are 3gb graphic cards, but the Apache Pro is currently £70 more, with an original RRP over over...
  10. Fishpan

    Asus Z170i Pro Gaming - Can't disable Onboard WIFI BIOS 3401

    Anyone else getting an issue with their Z170i Pro gaming mobo not being able to disable Onboard wifi in the BIOS? The option is disabled in BIOS but the wifi chip still comes up in device manager. Didn't have the problem a few BIOS iterations ago? Tried reseting CMOS to no avail...
  11. HeX

    AMD announces new Radeon Pro Duo with two Polaris 10 GPUs

    Full article here:
  12. goodl

    PSA: Samsung SSD RMA info if youve had it a while

    if you ever need to RMA a Samsung SSD the information isn't really available on the website, so it might help some people if I posted it here. To initiate an RMA request by email [email protected] By Telephone, it's Europe but charged at local rates and yet that is the right number with...