project cars 2

  1. ssmacc

    Only just Discovered this! (Project Cars 2 VR, with steering wheel!)

    Hello, I know I'm late to this (and I have had the game years!), picked up a second hand steering wheel and mount the other day and can't get over how immersive racing is in VR, I've never been into racing games but with the a wheel and pedals it's absolutely fantastic, especially the Go-Kart's...
  2. logicfry

    RTX 2080 Super Project Cars 2 graphics judder

    Hi, Just done an upgrade on my old computer and hoped that I could whack the graphics up to full with the spec. However in Project cars 2 there is a lot of screen tearing/judder when the view pans left/right with much speed. Tomb Raider seems OK though. Have read that it's a power hungry game...
  3. BlackClouds

    Gaming PC for Racing Sims

    Hi all, I have recently decided to take take the jump from my PlayStation 4 racing sim set up to the more realistic and overall better world of PC sim racing/gaming. After searching the internet for the last week or so to find an “out the box” gaming pc specifically designed for sim racing I...
  4. darenisepic

    Project cars 2 vs Project cars 2 deluxe edition, which one?

    I've seen Project cars 2 on sale at a great price and also the deluxe edition for just 50% more. It seems that the deluxe has a few more cars and what’s called a season pass, what’s in this season pass and is it better to buy the deluxe or stick to the standard version?
  5. ssmacc

    Project Cars game of the year vs Project Cars 2

    Hello All, I've got two Rifts in the house for multiplayer VR, I've built up games on both over the last year but somehow managed to buy Project Cars game of the year on one account and Project Cars 2 on the other! (I know I'm an idiot!). I've not played either much so am not sure which is best...
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