1. CynthiaSakurai

    [Help] PS/2 Max Sample Rate

    This may seem like a completely random or useless topic. After all, USB devices have come a long way since the PS/2 port. However, I have a weird obsession with figuring out whether or not a PS/2 port can compete currently with any USB mice. For those unaware, a PS/2 port works by sending...
  2. Duke

    PS2 Slim (mini project/log)

    As mentioned in the Playstation Classic thread, where I had one on pre-order, I was talking it over with a friend who suggested just getting a PS2 instead and grab the games you want for a fraction of the price. After seeing the full game list I cancelled the order and started looking around on...
  3. GamingDaddy

    PS2 to HDMI LG SJ850V

    Hi there I've had this new 4k LG tv for about a week now and as great as it is the most frustrating thing is there are only HDMI ports and that's it. I've been trying to connect my PS2 up to it and I'm having no luck, I got a PS2 to HDMI thing for it but that doesn't work at all, the audio...