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  1. chaosphere

    Big vs dual monitors for work & PS4 Pro

    I've the nightmare scenario that I have tight budget around £250(ish) to replace my dual Dell 20" 1600x900 res monitors for mainly work purposes as I'm WFH as a software developer....8/9 hours a day minimum in front of this screen for the time being. I see this is as an opportunity to get a...
  2. minds_finest

    LG32ud99 problems with "HDR" and the PS4 PRO

    If anyone has this monitor and a PS4 PRO please tell me if you have the same issues: HDR Cinema makes everything really dark. This is particularly a problem with HDR content on Netflix. The monsters in stranger things are barely visible in the shadows. In Horizon Zero Dawn there is an...
  3. Razor Time

    Black Friday Price Predictions

    What is everyone guess for the console bundles deals for the Ps4 Pro and Xbox One X on Black Friday? Ps4 Pro Red Dead + another AAA game for £299 Xbox One X Red Dead + Forza Horizon + Forza for £349 Or do you think prices will drop lower or will they bundle more games?
  4. JeremiahDevitt

    PS4 Modding -- ''cap in hand''.

    I dislike posting this here, but there isn't a trade or buy and sell forum. Please give this thread the boot with my blessing if it's not suitable. I was interested in the thorough rebuild given to the PS4 Pro by Hothicron on the PS4 Pro reddit. I could perhaps manage the HDD, but the other...
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