1. Xkivix

    Status undefined??

    I have just ordered the 3090 and used pay by finance. Did my 100 pound deposit and went through finance application. Application been successful and sent me a copy of agreement. Then it said to complete order by returning to store but when I return to store it shows me order history and nothing...
  2. proudhaaton

    Is the Ryzen 9 3900X still good enough with the release of Ryzen 5000 CPU´s?

    Hello, I´m currently unsure if i should be waiting until i can get a Ryzen 9 5900X (seems very unlikely since it´s almost impossible to get one in germany) or is a Ryzen 9 3900X still a very good purchase? it´s currently going for 399 Euro in germany so that´s quite a chunk less than a 5900X? I...
  3. work

    Fanless PC

    Hi Newbie. I have just come across this on twitter and I am wondering if this a good fanless pc. I am looking for unique pc that will work with textiles. I saw this machine from an unknown company and dell ** No Competitors ** I need to know what product to choose and to purchase a product
  4. soluxos

    I just received a new PC from overclockers and the windows key isn't valid...

    Hi there, New to the site, but I've just bought a new gaming PC via overclockers UK and the windows key isn't working. I'm getting this error: error code 0x803f7001. Not to mention that I have used a tool to try and find out what my product key is and it appears to be the product key from this...
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