q acoustics

  1. ssmacc

    Wharfedale DX2 to Q Acoustics, any tips? (ATMOS)

    Hello All, I've just upgraded my Wharfedale DX2 5.1 (with Cambridge Audio Min22's as ceiling speakers) to the below (got a great deal on them, only upgraded as the Boss wanted a white theme!) Q Acoustics: Centre 3090i Front2x 3020i Rear 2x 3010i Sub: TBC (3060S, maybe BK Electronics...
  2. Bearjamin

    How high should my rear surround speakers be? (Stand recommendations)

    I'm looking to stand mount a pair of Q Acoustics 2010i as rear surround speakers and wondering how tall the stands should be. On the one hand, logically ear level is optimal height and that's what most sources suggest. However, that hight would mean the speaker is partially blocked by the back...
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