1. Envy78

    PC freezes and game crashes

    Specs - 5800x RX 580 16gb 3600mghz cl16 B550-F When I’m playing rust the game will randomly freeze and then a few seconds later, crash. Temps are fine on all components, drivers all up to date. Never had this problem before but now it’s regularly occurring. One thing i have noticed is that my...
  2. rctneil

    IMAP Email questions

    Hi, I have been using email for many many many years but i've always found bits of it to be confusing and i've learnt that understanding the foundation and what things actually do, rather than just being told how to fix things helps so much more. So here goes. I have a basic IMAP mail account...
  3. NotoriousScare

    returning/ swapping wrong items

    i recently bought a glossy white model o, I meant to buy the matte white model o- is there anyway i can get the mouse swapped, its in perfect condition and i've not used it other than to test it out.
  4. Sharkhouse

    I made a boardgame when I was bored. How do I get it published

    Hello wise guys, Over lockdown I made a boardgame for one of my classes, turns out its more fun than educational. No idea how to go about getting it published though, more for the pub credit than the money. Any ideas how to get this done?
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