1. Nexus18

    Best quiet case fans (2x140mm and 1x120mm)?

    As per subject title. I see mixed reports on noctua, be quiet and those artic p14 fans. Case - fractal meshify c CPU cooler - be quiet! Shadow Rock 3 GPU - nvidia 3080 fe Ideally want something much quieter, which delivers similar cooling. No RGB required. Currently I am using the fractal...
  2. WolfHauser

    Looking for a quiet good thermals workstation case no window or RGB

    Hi all, Specs will likely be 3950x or 5950x, 64gb ram, 3080ti (if it comes out) or 3090. The machine will be used for cpu and gpu based rendering (but not a render farm being thrashed all day and night - light to medium usage) as well as Substance Painter and of course, need I say, sweet sweet...
  3. Floob

    Looking for a quiet ATX Case

    Hi, I'm looking to build a new PC after my 4th Gen i7 blew up (PSU and/or MB dead I think). My last system had a NoFan CPU cooler, but now I'm looking for a 5600X I thought I might venture into quiet fans like ones from Scythe or beQuiet. Anyway, its the case I'm keen on getting right. Here is...
  4. Cadder

    Meshify C (2020) Fans

    Hi all, I'm near the end of buying all the bits for my build. I've turned my attention to case fans now. All my components are in my sig. My priority is for a quiet PC. I don't want to hear it. From what I have read, this isn't likely to get very hot, there'll be some light gaming and CAD...
  5. technicalfault

    Quietly powerful 4K gaming rig

    Hi all, I've enjoyed reading the opinions of many on here and I'd like to test my proposed quiet 'n' powerful 4K gaming rig build out on you. I am intending to ask OcUK for a build quote on this - is there a preferred channel for doing so? In designing this build, I've focused on a)...
  6. Migon

    Which Fan to 4-pin?

    Have DRP4 on 9900ks with 2 CPU fans on Y-splitter to CPU FAN socket - Which fan (inner 135 or outer 120) should I connect to 4-pin connector, the other has 3 pins only? regards Matt
  7. Slinkington

    Fast, quiet, powerful Gaming PC

    Hello all, I'm terrible with computer hardware, so I'm looking for some advice on a pre-built or customisable PC retailer. I'm looking for something that'll let me play graphically intensive games, but also be as discrete as possible - Not a big fan of noisy fans or LED lighting. :) The sorts...
  8. gekonek07

    Budget PC - Up to 700 - Gaming and Video Editing

    Hi everyone, Looking to build or perhaps order a pre-build PC for up to 700 pounds. The main use would be for it to run latest games on ultra or just high settings and not lag during amateur video editing i.e. processing holiday clips. If possible to include a not to loud graphics card that...
  9. dagless

    Shallow mini-ITX case

    Hi folks, I'm upgrading a mini-pc to take a graphics card so I can drive a second monitor. I haven't found a case that's just right so would welcome some ideas. I've not done this before so learning as I go... My requirements are: - fit a mini-ITX with SSD - be shallow, ideally max 22cm deep...
  10. Mel_P

    Which Graphics card would be an improvement over Intel Motherboard graphics please?

    Hello, I have this: • Intel Core i5-6400 quad-core 2.7GHz (3.3GHz boost speed), 6MB cache CPU • Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4, 2400MHz, CL14 (14-16-16-31) • ASUS Z170-P Intel Socket LGA 1151 ATX motherboard with HDMI, DVI-D. What graphics card would I need to give me improved...
  11. toontoonizer

    Advice on first Custom Loop - silence is priority

    Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well! I've been an avid PC enthusiast for a while now. I recently went all out and made an X299 build. As part of this build I chose an AIO for CPU cooling (bequiet silent loop 360) and a GPU with an AIO (EVGA 1080ti SC2 Hybrid) to meet my need for low temps...
  12. enashnash

    Smallest possible case for these components

    Hi all, I currently have a Coolermaster Cosmos 1000 case which is pretty huge. I've moved house and now need to move it into a smaller space. I want to fit the contents into a new case which is as narrow and shallow as possible. It doesn't matter if it's tall. Would be nice if it was quiet as...
  13. BungleShark

    Quiet Gaming PC

    Hello, I'm looking to build a new rig at home. Although I am no stranger to creating a custom build for myself, its been a few years since I last did something like this. My goal is to build myself a gaming rig that's silent (or near silent) when I'm using it for general run of the mill stuff...
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