ram slot

  1. enangelov

    Memory/XMP Crash after installing m.2 NVMe - Weirdest Problem Ever

    Hi guys, Last night I experienced the strangest thing ever. Config: Aorus Z390 Pro WiFi 9900k 16gb (2x8gb) G Skill Trident Z (3466) Samsung 250gb m.2 nvme - Windows Barracuda 3TB HDD 1080ti ftw3 6fans in the mobo + 3 in the aio PC has run without problem for long time with XMP...
  2. Conor Royston

    99x pro ram slot not working?!? Help :(!

    So earlier today I received a BSOD - Kernel Security Check Failure whilst playing some casual CIV. I restarted and did some driver checks and everything came back completely fine however it then just froze without blue screening - even after 10 minutes of waiting. So I hard rebooted and it...
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