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  1. mark2410

    Mobo every few boots returns ram to 2133mhz

    mobo is as in sig, the k7 gaming and on bios F31 (bios update thing stopped working, and further updates seem to be only based on supporting newer cpu which i dont have) so, when i manually tell it in the bios to use the xmp profile to run at 3000mhz it boots, runs fine. however within a...
  2. Sadler49

    OC The RAM ??

    Hello. I have an Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 3200MHz 16GB Gray, first time build up PC and I check the RAM on the BIOS give me 2400Mhz! my CPU Ryzen 5 3600x and the motherboard MSI B450 Gaming plus MAX (I check the MOBO website and support the OC to 4000 Mhz) so I don't want to ruined my first...
  3. Blackmoore1

    XMP Default Profile Not Working

    Hello, I'm trying to set up XMP and overclock an i9 processor on an Arorus Z390 Master board, but the XMP default profile isn't working. The RAM is called Teamgroup Xtreem 16gb 4133. Basically I just want XMP to work and I'm not finding any guides for this hardware. Could someone link me to...
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