1. Quartz

    New Atlantic rowing record powered by Irn Bru.

    Well done, Miriam.
  2. Risingdragonboy

    Help with getting PC to run at X16 instead of X8 for game recording

    Hello everyone I been having two sleepless nights over, I believe to be a common issue with 2017 and older motherboards. My friend and if all goes well Co worker wants to start doing youtube but we have hit a huge problem when trying to record pc gaming footage on obs and it ending up looking...
  3. stockhausen

    Recommendations for converting LPs to .MP3?

    My (elderly) neighbour has a vast collection of LPs; he also has a Technics SL1200 turntable, a Technics Amp and some speakers. He has asked me for advice on converting and recording some of his favourite LPs via the Amp to a PC. The Amp has no USB outputs, just RCA Phono sockets to input from...
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