1. JoeyBratton

    GPU Upgrades For An HP Z440?

    Got me one of those HP Z440 refurb workstations. It came with a Quaddro K2000 and handles basic 1080p gaming OK but I was thinking of upgrading to something with 4 or 6 GB of VRAM. Has anyone got some experience with this particular tower who could shed some light? If I absolutely have to, I'll...
  2. gelk1984

    Stripped, filled and sprayed alloy wheels get damaged by nuts

    So I’ve been refurbing my alloys as they’re pretty bad, so far I’ve done 2. Totally stripped, filled, sanded, primed, painted and lacquered them and they look great. However when I come to put them back on the car, especially the locking nut scratches the paint back off in a small area and it’s...
  3. viennese

    House refurbishment - Cat 6 routing and termination

    Hello, I am having a house refurbishment including installing Cat 6 cabling in all the rooms (dual module faceplates). I have also ordered BT FTTP (max 900Mb), for January 2021, meaning that the internal works will already have been completed prior to the engineer's arrival. I can get my...
  4. rangor gubbins

    Air Source Heat Pump

    About to start a house refurb including putting in underfloor heating throughout. Our heating is currently provided by an old Worcester Bosch boiler running off an LPG tank sat in the drive. Its pretty expensive to run, the tank looks horrible, and is in a stupid location. So we are planning to...
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