1. ssmacc

    4K HDMI over 15m?

    Hello, I've recently updated to an ATMOS receiver and have noticed a few sound drop outs whilst watching 4k ATMOS films (@ 1080p), I changed the 1.4 HDMI cables to 2.0 and the drop outs to the TV have stopped. However, when using the projector (20m 1.4 HDMI) the drop outs in sound still...
  2. NateCordova

    Cheap Router as Wireless Repeater?

    Hello I am looking for a solution to extend my house’s wifi into my girlfriend’s house across the street which has no Internet Subscription. Currently, you can get Wifi on her room, close to the window, but obviously it’s a weak signal. In order to improve the signal I want to add a Cheap...
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