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  1. AmateurDragonSlayer

    Stock for Hyte Y60 - White?

    Looking at the Hyte Y60 for my next build, preferably in white but the store page doesn't list a stock date/arrival date. Is there any info available on when this is going to be in stock? Don't mind the wait just curious if this info is available as it's not on the page Or if anyone knows...
  2. Rui Patricio

    Model o wireless restock?

    Hi! I have just placed an order for the matte white model o wireless and would like to know when the expected restock will be so I can estimate when it will be delivered. Many thanks
  3. JaffaBoy

    Think I've decided on a Glorious GMMK Fullsize but blues out of stock... how long?

    Been researching for a new keyboard as my Ducky is ageing (bless) and thought I'd go for a Glorious GMMK fullsize. All the parts in stock at OCUK except the Blue Switches (Glorious PC Gaming Race Gateron Blue Switches - Tactile Clicky (120 pieces) Stock Code KB-00A-GR)... love me a loud clicky...
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