1. g6yob

    Building my sons tower HELP PLEASE

    My son has decided he wants a gaming tower , ive come home and hes bought all the components required already . Ive been left to build it as he has no idea and im not fully clued up. I just need some pointers to if i have connected things up correctly, correct pins etc or if i have incorrectly...
  2. xtracker

    I need help of my ryzen 5 3600

    Hello overclockers I really try to fix it soo long i explain you. My cpu ryzen 5 3600 paired with mobo MSI Tomahawk max with latest Agesa I don't have high boost clock i mean in games many users have boost to 4.1 in games but mine cpu hits 3975Mhz-4000Mhz. Bios is default exept XMP set...
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