ryzen 3000

  1. Rui Magro

    Rog Crosshair VI Hero + Ryzen 3600 BSOD

    Hi, Updated my Asus Motherboard to the latest BIOS Version 7201 - 2019/07/18 - installed a new Ryzen 3600.. and am getting a few problems. 1. windows freezing w/NO BSOD appear to occur (often) when BIOS setting "ROG RGB lights when the system is in sleep/powered down": "OFF" (on either Ryzen...
  2. softwaresimian

    B450 with 64GB on ITX

    Since 32GB DIMM's are now available at fairly reasonable prices, does anyone know if it is possible to use 64GB with an ITX / B450 / Ryzen 3000 configuration ?
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