ryzen 7 3700x

  1. Mr Dan Dan

    CPU & Motherboard

    I've had to return my cpu (ryzen 7 3700x) and motherboard (MSI MAG B550M MORTAR WIFI) as I have been having issues with them. I've requested a replacement cpu but I'm unsure if the motherboard was the right choice. Should I risk another one of these boards or does anyone have any other...
  2. Petey_243

    Ryzen 7 3700x micro stutter help!

    Hi all, Beena while since I have been so sorry if this is in the incorrect section. Basically my system was Ryzen 5 2600, B450m ds3h Corsair Vengeance 16gb EVGA 750w M.2 Evo 970 250gb for OS 2tb HHD for games etc All worked fine. Decided to upgrade to the Ryzen 7 3700x. Updated BIOS. Booted...
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