safe mode

  1. jj007

    **HELP, Windows 10 OS on SSD non RAID - RAID HDDs stopped working post win update**

    Hi everyone, I have windows 10 Pro (64bit) OS installed on an SSD which is my boot drive (non raid). I have 4 HDDs bound as RAID members for my data. The machine has been working without fault for a long time. Post a windows update today my machine borked out. Windows reported...
  2. embalse

    Windows 10 - Safe Mode on Asus Motherboard HELP!

    This comes up a lot and usually, I just type msconfig/Boot tab then go to advanced and select safe mode. On this occasion, I cannot do this as I have a black screen so I cannot enter Win10. I have tried the usual suspects F8 etc. The problem has been caused because I was trying to get the Task...
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