1. Phixsator

    Samsung G8 OLED Frameskip/Stutter

    I'm having an "interesting" issue with my new monitor. It will start to stutter/frameskip out of nowhere. Powering it off and on again solves the issue for a random amount of time. I've also had issues where the panel acted like a slow IPS/VA with certain dark transitions being somewhat slow...
  2. mrk

    Got a Samsung phone? Connectivity Labs can be unlocked which gives loads of WiFi related geeky info

    Connectivity Labs which gives you a literal plethora of WiFi info and diagnostics from home walkaround survey to stats and other geek-out data. I recall some of this being available in the past but now there's more stuff baked in. I will be reconfiguring my wifi this eve based on some findings...
  3. jwilliamson47

    Alienware DWF or Samsung Neo G7 for Mixed Usage?

    Hi, I'm currently thinking about buying a new monitor. Sold my old ultrawide because it was lacking compared to my CX55 and I couldn't put up with the contrast ratio. I've narrowed it down to the Alienware DWF/Samsung Neo G7. The DWF has a longer/better warranty but will probably not last as...
  4. Quartz

    £50 cashback on Samsung 990 2TB drives @Gibbo, is OCUK participating?
  5. Schizophonic

    Samsung Galaxy S8+ / Ultra Tab or ipad for a 14 year old?

    Part of his 14 years old, my partner and I was thinking of getting a new ipad for him. He's 14 years old and he taken his mum's ipad (2nd gen) and watches Youtube on it whenever he has down time. He has access to a family computer to do his homework but we were thinking maybe its time for an...
  6. AlexW484

    Samsubg G7 32"

    Anyone having issues with horizontal lines on the 32" Samsung Odyssey G7? I went through 5 of these screens and sent it back for warranty repair twice and they're still there. I was hoping it was going to get fixed by a software update but after a year, no luck. You can see the difference with...
  7. Ashish Doshi

    Samsung Premiere Projector

    I am in the market for a ultra short throw projector. Having done lots of research I have my eye set on the Samsung Premiere LSP-9T. Richer sounds have a good deal on at the moment where they throw in a sapphire ALR screen along with installation. Interested to know anyone's thoughts on this...
  8. Tysonator

    Samsung Galaxy Tags - To Stop Losing Things ! !

    Hi all, I have been looking in to buying some smart Tags to attach to my gym bag and dip belt. A few times I have left the gym and realised I have left one of the above. Luckily every time I have gone back fairly quickly after realising and retrieved my belongings. In the past I have lost...
  9. lost0ne33

    Is there much point in using a DAC/AMP on a Samsung tab S7 plus for music (and movies)

    I have been eyeing the iBasso DC series or the E1DA series to use with my KZ ZS10 Pro in Ear Monitor Earbuds, I am confused in what one to get iBasso has DC01-05. i listen to a lot of heavy metal and rock. E1DA has these...
  10. Tysonator

    Samsung Odyessy 32'' Monitors

    Hi All, I am looking at the Samsung Odyssey monitors as a replacement for my 14 plus old Dell Ultra Sharpe 27'' monitor. Is there a non curved Odyssey 32'' Samsung monitor or should I also consider a similar monitor by another manufacturer ! ? I will be using it for every day use including...
  11. Mambros84

    Rtx 3090 + Samsung Q90 TV and HW-Q90R soundbar issues

    Hi all, As mentioned in the title I have an RTX 3090 connected to a Samsung Q90 TV and an HW-Q90R soundbar. I managed to enable the G-sync connecting an hdmi 2.1 cable to the port 4 on the TV receiver but I am having several issues with the audio. If I try to pass the audio to the soundbar...
  12. Mallers

    65in - Panasonic, Samsung or LG?

    Hi All, looking at a new 65in tv, and narrowed down to these models: Samsung Q95A: Panasonic JZ1500: price unknown, assuming roughly similar to Samsung and LG LG G1 Have there been enough reviews to calculate if any are particularly good/bad? Im assuming at the...
  13. kakarott

    **Samsung Galaxy S21 Series**

    Samsung Galaxy S21 - Glastic back - 6.2” FHD+ Adaptive 48 - 120Hz - 1300 nit - Eye comfort shield - 12MP UW F2.2 + 12MP DP F1.8 Main + 64MP F2.0 Tele OIS +1 0MP DP F2.2 FF - 12bit RAW - Exynos 2100 - 4000 mAh - 8GB/128GB £769 No microSD support
  14. Kaboz

    4k working great, but ultrawide not?

    Gents, I'm in a very weird situation. 2 of my laptops (Windows and Mac) are working perfectly with 4k TV's but sub-par with ultrawide monitors. The ultrawide monitor is the Samsung C34f791, and I also tried with Samsung S34E790 and the results were the same (or slightly worse) Here's what I've...
  15. Yasmin

    Recommend me wall mount for Samsung Q90t 65inch

    Hi everyone. I purchased the Samsung Q90t in 65 inches, its arriving on Thursday. Its my first Tv purchase in many years. I have never had a wall mount, can I get suggestion on decent one that would hold my tv. i'm not sure whether to go for full motion, tilt or fixed, so would love to...
  16. Heyhoe

    Samsung Odyssey G5 27"

    OCUK had this down as stock due on the 25th Nov.... It now says "Pre-Order". Does anyone have any info as what the hold up is as there are numerous retailers who were advertising this date and are now not providing a forecast for stock. Any info appreciated!
  17. truewraith

    can delete

  18. -TBS-

    Samsung C32H711 - Service Menu?

    Hello, I have recently bought second LCD monitor Samsung C32H711. When both are reset to default settings the second one has much yellowish colors. I suspect that the second monitor is not new and I would like to know how many hours was it used for. For this I guess would be great the secret...
  19. Yasmin

    Recommend me Qled Samsung tv

    Hi everyone, I recently moved to my new home, I'm looking to get a new tv but I'm kind of helpless with technology and I went to currys and looked at some sites but I got confused with what is right for me. I live in a small flat, so the living space is quite small so I'm not sure whether to...
  20. unseal

    Odyssey G9 crash loop when HDR content is displayed

    When I try to display HDR content the monitor crashes and reboots forever. If the monitor goes to sleep while the monitor is on my pc crashes. Got latest nvidia drivers, monitor drivers and upgraded monitor. GPU is 2080 ti.
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