1. Quartz

    Is The Showing Register a scam?

    The young daughter of a former colleague has got a certificate from them to say that she's been talent-spotted and to contact them for more info. The website checks out and putting them through Google search doesn't bring up anything untoward. But my antennae are twitching. Am I being too...
  2. Quartz

    This was a scam text, wasn't it?

    The other day I got the text below: I was expecting something and it was the sort of thing to be delivered by Hermes. I've checked on and the number has been searched a few times (but is likely spoofed anyway). And I checked the package tracking and it said it was being...
  3. Zico

    Scam call - HMRC criminal investigations

    I had two separate calls earlier this morning (to my work mobile) from two different 0207 numbers (02073126617 and 02078946074) which started off with an automated call stating a criminal investigation was being opened by the HMRC due to tax fraud. The message then states to push 1 to find out...
  4. goldy6660

    Scammed on PayPal/Shpock

    So... recently thought I was getting a very slight bargain from a random seller on Shpock for a 2080ti second hand, or at least I thought I had. I actually received a big pile of paper...yep proper scammed. The guy had couriered me a massive pile of paper, presumably for the postage thing for...
  5. h4rm0ny

    How dodgy are these key selling sites?

    So I run a bunch of VMs for software development purposes and it would be useful to have Windows installed on a couple of them. The problem is that each install requires its own licence and these are expensive. You can sort of work around that by installing Windows and just resetting it over and...
  6. stockhausen

    GDPR phishing scam

    Ever since the EU's General Data Protection Regulations came in I receive a couple of scam emails every day along the following lines: There is no indication as to what useless service I should unsubscribe from and as it happens I just delete them without opening but I do wonder how many people...
  7. mR|bladebrown|Jr

    i'll never buy anything from NVIDIA ever again, they don't respect customers and don't deserve our m

    Guys, i`ve paid a lot of money on a Nvidia Titan Xp Collector's Edition Galactic Empire on No competitors and after a month the card started to behave in a really strange way, the displayport started to fail, sometimes i had to restart a few times before showing any image. Couple days later, it...
  8. mof

    Ebay buyer has 0 feedback. Should I be worried?

    They've had their account since April. I'm just wondering if I should try to cancel it or not? Everyone starts on 0% feedback and most people aren't scammers. I'm not in any hurry to sell really and there's other people ineterested. Value is about £130
  9. kr236rk

    Dentistry scam?

    This is severely edited. Am an NHS patient & support the NHS. I post here because I cannot find a public NHS forum. Six months ago I visited a new dentist with a troublesome long-ago crowned tooth. The tooth was x-rayed and the root pronounced decayed and dead. I was told it must be taken out...
  10. IggyStooge

    This sounds very suspicious to me, can anyone confirm it's a con please?

    Hi guys, I had a phone call from my auntie earlier saying she had been called by someone claiming to be from AOL who said she needed to do something on her PC or they would disconnect her internet. I actually didn't think my auntie was with AOL anymore to be honest but she didn't seem to be...
  11. SqualidChimp

    Online MOT service scam?

    I booked my MOT for today through an online MOT service who come and pick your car up and drop it off afterwards. I had heard they charged silly amounts if any work needed done but having prechecked I was fairly confident nothing major was wrong. So. I got a phone call saying that the car had...
  12. Sn3akr

    OCuk using tricks to bump up prices?

    I was looking at some dustfilter priced at 16.99, then i added it to my basket, and the price was bumped up to 17,70.. This made me lift my eyebrows, so i started to investigate my Pe, and i don't really feel great about my findings. Monsoon MMRS D5 Pump Cover - White : price on page 33.95. in...