1. SGz_Eliminated

    Disappointing 3DMark Time Spy Score RTX 3080

    My Time Spy score overall is about 2.3k lower than the average for my CPU/GPU combo which is no small margin. I wasn't able to figure out how to check CPU and GPU score averages but for GPU mine is about 4k less than the position 100 and CPU was about 2k less. My Setup: Intel I7-9700K Gigabyte...
  2. Ed

    Simple formula for scoring rank

    Hi, I'm after a simple formula expression to give rank to items based on their number of votes and their score from one to five. ------------ Item #1 Votes = 1,000 Score = 3.9 out of 5 ------------ Item #2 Votes = 1 Score = 4 out of 5 ------------ Should item #2 rank above item #1? I'm...
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