sd card

  1. leeu


    Can anyone help me please. I have a Nokia 1plus. The phone after 1 week is struggling with speed and storage. I put a sd card in to cure the problem. HOW DO I TRANSFER APPS AND FILES TO THE SD CARD?? nothing works and the card has been formatted.
  2. Quartz

    Nokia 2.2 - Android Pie - 128 GB SD cards show as 256 GB with 128 used.

    Got an interesting little issue. My Nokia 2.2 seems to think that my 128 GB SD cards are 256 GB cards with 128 GB used. I've tried two SD cards, one known good and one straight out of the packaging that's been on the shelf many months. Both Samsung. What's going on?
  3. Alloneword

    Can't get BenQ BL3200PT SD card reader to work

    To start with no Win7 x64 driver, done some digging and found report on utube to turn monitor off and on a few times and failed to work for me, any one have any suggestions? All1
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