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  1. mof

    Palit second hand warranty

    Anyone dealt with Palit directly for a second hand card? From reading their website they will only do RMAs through the retailer and they won’t go by the serial number for the date it was originally shipped like some manufacturers.
  2. 3lna90

    What laptop would you recommend?

    Hey All, Looking for a laptop in or around the £200 - £300 second hand, Does not need to be new, i dont mind what year it is as long as the laptop has a decent intel i5 / i7 / ryzen processor with at least 2.5ghz speed or above, but importantly has a ram Max capability of at least 16gb...
  3. Vadersoul

    Is selling a CPU 2nd hand feasible?

    The new AMD release is exciting, especially as it won’t require a mobo upgrade to invest in Zen 3. I have a 1 year old Ryzen 7 3700x and if I did upgrade, I have no concept about how to sell the cpu, if I could. The market for 2nd hand CPUs on eBay seems to be from professional computer stores...
  4. peanutismint

    Any way to check the health/lifespan of a second-hand GPU?

    I bought a used GPU off eBay for gaming and I'm wondering if there's a way I could check if it's been used for crypto mining or anything else that might severely affect the lifespan of the card? Or should modern cards last for decades with high use? I last replaced my GPU about 8 years ago so...
  5. Illuminist

    Help spec me a first car £2000

    Hi there, Looking for a second hand car but could do with some experienced views in what make? I have never needed a car until now as I have a first child, so just trained and I can walk to work. Needs 4 doors for baby, I've been looking at honda civics 2007,2008 as I heard they are decent...
  6. mof

    Evga second hand warranty

    I extened the warranty on my evga 980 ti to 5 years when I bought it so it still has some left. Can I sell it to someone else and transfer the warranty to them? Would I have to send them the original invoice? If they had to do an RMA would I have to sort it out for them? I'd like to avoid...
  7. Tai Gianninotti

    Buying a second hand Note 8

    Well, not too sure if this is the right place to post, but I need some opinions. There's currently a Note 8 selling for surprisingly cheap on eBay, 'apparently' in mint condition, but the phone has no service. Now, I haven't gone for it yet, and if I get into contact with the seller i'll ask...
  8. alex crossland

    Dedicated preowned components auction site

    Just an idea at the moment but im just sounding out how many people might be interested in an auction site entirely dedicted to PC components. is it a good idea to have one place to look for these, or is it redundant if we already have other ways to buy? is there anything missing from the way...
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