shed base

  1. ristac

    Shed Base and Pallets

    We’re thinking of getting a new shed, 10x6 possibly a bit bigger. Has anyone ever used wooden pallets for a base, I’ve even seen some Euro size heavy duty plastic ones going cheap. Interested to hear from anyone who’s gone this route or considered it and encountered a problem
  2. Goldorak

    Garden shed on concrete block

    Hi, New member - first post - Hello everyone. There is a thick and strong concrete base in the garden, on which there used to be a shed, we moved the shed when we moved in. Now considering putting a new 8x6 shed on the base again THIS ONE The concrete base is level, however it is rough...
  3. john_smith

    Garden rebuild.

    :) I'm attempting to "sort the gareden" out this year. We have a sloped garden that leads itself towards 3 tiers / terraces. I want to seperate these with walls. The largest will be on the tyop boundry that's 25m long and i'll have it about 1m high. Other walls will be smaller, i'd like to...
  4. Michael1975

    Shed advice!

    Hi All Just after a bit of advice if possible. I've got a shed arriving next week and have levelled my ground as best as I can and am using an ecodeck base. When I lay the ecodeck and check levels it is mostly even but in a few areas it is showing up as uneven, but no more than a cm or so...
  5. Mac22

    Shed Base on Clay Soil

    Hi, First post here any help greatly appreciated. I am installing a fairly basic 6x4' garden shed. I really don't want to go with concrete base, but I see a lot of conflicting information about what can/should be done. A bit more info: - Nothing heavier that lawnmower being stored - current...
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