1. ic1male

    2023 World Snooker Championship - 3rd April to 1st May

    Qualifying stages from Monday 3rd April to Wednesday 12th April at the English Institute of Sport in Sheffield available to watch on EuroSport/Discovery+. Final stages from Saturday 15th April to Monday 1st May at The Crucible, Sheffield available to watch on BBC/EuroSport/Discovery+. Stephen...
  2. emmab1

    sheffield or leeds?

    im looking to move to either sheffield or leeds. I need a fresh start and i've decided its either one of the 2. I cant decide which one to move to though. Ive looked at house prices, things to do and i just can't decide. The only thing making me worry is the crime in leeds with recent raids, a...
  3. St0tteh0

    Gamers in Sheffield

    Me and a chum of mine have set up a Discord server for anyone in and around the Sheffield area. We have a decent handful of member at the minute, feel free to join in the fun!
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