1. Disco_P

    Call of Duty 17: Black Ops Cold War

    Came Out 13 November 2020. Teaser: Reveal: Launch: PC Features:
  2. Devrij

    GTFO discussion thread

    I searched quite strenuously before making this thread, but apologies if one already exists. This looks very much like my cup of tea. From the makers of payday 2 (they said in an interview with ign that paid dlc and micro transactions are not planned before you ask), and with a heavy focus on...
  3. XavLaSuiteStudio

    PINATAS ROCKETS, new Indie game released for Rift on Oculus Store.

    Hello to everyone in the forum. I'm Xavier Bottet, the president and founder of a new indie game developer: La Suite Studio. We have released last week, PINATAS ROCKETS for the Oculus Rift, on the store: "Everybody loves Pinatas…and Fireworks. It’s party time, and obviously the pinatas are...
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