1. Quartz

    Which car racing sim for PC?

    I've been bingeing on racing sim videos recently. I used to play TOCA (in various iterations) with friends way back when, but that was over a decade ago. I remember trying other sims but we kept returning to TOCA. This time, however, I will be playing alone, at least initially: I know I won't...
  2. hitman3617

    strange g sync behaviour any help be appreciated

    the game name is thiefs simulator, anyway i turned my max hz from 144 to 60 at first it was to see if v sync was on for the game ,,, anyway so nvcp v sync setting set to use 3d app for this game profile and g sync set to on then set the ingame v sync option to off , and weirdly the G sync is...
  3. Normanp

    Roaming problems with Lebara

    I use a monthly paid Lebara sim in the uk and get perfect 3g/4g coverage. On the train to Amsterdam I got roaming 4g when in France, but now in the Netherlands get no roaming data, but can make phone calls & send texts. Phone is Android 11, Nokia 3.4. Any help appreciated. I have already done...
  4. martyn83

    MS Flight Simulator 2020 Build...

    Hi, Is anyone out there able to give me a hand with what to use in a build for Flight Sim 2020 which is going to be with us soon. I have not built a PC before and the last one I had made for me was aimed at Flight Sim X many years ago. Budget wise would be £2000 although I will need a monitor...
  5. Rob Fletcher

    Contract rules - advice please

    Hi - first time poster so sorry is this has been asked in the past! I’m tied into a contract until Sept 21 but am after the new iPhone 11. Have been quoted £500 to upgrade plus a crazy fee for monthly contract after. Is it possible to buy the phone private, then use the sim I am using on my...
  6. Illuminist

    Looking for a smart watch for Android under £100

    Hey all, I have an lg urban gen1 that was given to me but now I'm looking at getting something a bit more modern and functional. Is there a decent smart watch that I can use with my phone that I can accept calls on and texts and the like. Controlling music would be great too. The urban does all...
  7. Willir

    Need SIM for USA

    I'm off to New York in 2 weeks time, in need of a SIM card, any recommendations? Looking for a decent amount of data, not fussed about minutes or texts. Thanks.
  8. PiKe

    Best racing game with a pad?

    Between Assetto Corsa and Project Cars, which is easier to drive with a pad? I don't have the room or money to have a proper wheel set up right now but want something a bit more realistic than Driveclub. Thanks
  9. Nick888

    Upgrade or New PC

    Hi all, I am looking to upgrade my machine or even go brand new. Below is my current spec: My budget is around £1000. I am a Sim Racer and gamer in general so that will be my main operation. I do small graphics and video work but primarily gaming and Sim Racing. I have never Overclocked...
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