1. Quartz

    Driving sims with blue light runs?

    Are there any driving sims where you can do blue light runs? With virtualised real roads and simulated traffic It seems to me that this might be a different sort of fun for the solo player (me) than racing tracks where you endlessly try to shave off nanoseconds. Not only ambulances, fire...
  2. MADxMAX

    What's your favourite games

    Hi I'm fairly new to the overclockers community I'm also a twitch streamer and youtuber but thought I'd ask to see what games people are playing or their favourite type of genre I usually play arma 3 for role play ( over 4000 hours play time) Then my second most played game is farming...
  3. Soya

    The 'Official' Screenshot/Videos & Tips thread for MSFS 2020 enthusiasts & flight simmers.

    Greetings fellow simmers & flight enthusiasts, I created a similar thread many years ago for FSX screenshots & tips and it was suggested to me I should see if there is enough interest in setting up a similar thread but for the newest Flight Sim, MSFS 2020: 1) Screenshots, LIMIT of 10 shots per...
  4. loftie

    Transport Fever 2

    I was looking at their Youtube Channel the other day, and I noticed today when I went back to it they've got a release date trailer. Looks good so far, I like the idea of being able to add 'modules' to stations. Reminds me very much of SimCity 2013 in that regard, and it was a feature I really...
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