1. petridish

    Sky Box Regularly Disconnecting From WiFi

    As in the title really. I have always had an issue where from time to time my Sky Q box drops off the WiFi and won't recover the connection. Recently this has changed to daily making me think there's an issue with the box itself. Router is in the room directly above so signal strength is...
  2. ssmacc

    Help! I've overloaded the sky WiFi hub... (I think)

    Hello, I think I've overloaded the Sky WiFi router! (is that a thing?), as you can probably tell I'm unsure :) I have lots of Alexa devices / smart bulbs / PC's / Smart Plugs etc all connected via WiFi (actually, the PC's are wired). After installing a couple more smart bulbs the WiFi has...
  3. Jeff Bannister

    Wierd switch behaviour with Sky Q Router

    Hi, I've been having a strange issue with my internet connection for about 5 months now. Over time I've thought the root cause of issue to be many things and have tried various different solutions none of which fix the problem. So, right now I bought a new unmanaged switch (NetGear 24port...
  4. jj007

    SKY broadband (PPPoA) - Drops connection every night - Why?

    Hi All, I subscribe to SKY broadband, ADSL (copper phone line). I upgraded my sagem F@ast 2304N to a TP-Link Archer VR2800 two weeks ago. The broadband connection is dropped at some point in the small hours every night and in the morning I have to reboot the router by switching the power off and...
  5. MissChief

    Sky UK launching HDR Wednesday 27th May.

    From Wednesday 27th May, Sky is taking another big step in it’s ongoing commitment to bring the best viewing experience to our customers. We are excited to be launching new High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, giving Sky Q customers even better Ultra HD picture quality. HDR offers a larger range...
  6. GamingSheep

    SKY Fiber + Draytek Vigor 130 + USG 3P Help?

    So i just decided to unifi my home using a draytek modem the vigor 130 i've set up all the unifi gear and got all that working using my ISP combo unit and now that i want to switch over to my new modem (Vigor 130) im a little stuck, For refrence im with SKY so i heard its abit trickey im also...
  7. Megahackerd

    New router or Ubiquiti Lite/LR?

    Hello, just had sky installed and the wifi speed is terrible- can only get 35mpbs with one device connected on the 5ghz connection. Wired is able to get full 75mbps, and was wondering if it is worth it to get a new router or just an access point. If i went for the ubiquiti is it worth the extra...
  8. Firejack

    Getting Sky Satellite+Cables installed during house renovation

    Currently in the process of renovating a house. All the ceilings/ walls have been exposed. To run new pipes/ power cables/ etc. Ideally this would be a good time to install the Satellite cables so they are hidden away. Speaking to Sky about getting Sky Q installed I'm being told different...
  9. Martin_Man

    ASUS RT-AC1200G Wireless Router

    I'm hoping someone could give me some advice. Where I live we're still stuck on standard (non fiber) broadband. With both me and my girlfriend using cloud storage, streaming films and playing video games our internet connection is constantly bad. If we both keep our storage cloud syncranised...
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