1. junaid7

    Pulled over by unmarked car

    Foolishly I decided to speed on my way home after finishing work late about 1:30am. I noticed a car coming behind me fairly quick so decided to do the same and eventually the blues came on it was an unmarked car with officers in black uniform. Once pulled over the officer asked what I was doing...
  2. rabbitbunny1976


    Ive come on here to ask for some advice about an incident my “friend” was involved in recently. He was travelling down a 30 MPH road going around 45-55 (not to sure) as he was driving along he drove past a Puegot 308 Police Car, obviously when he saw the car he slowed down to the speed limit...
  3. Quartz

    Legal to exceed speed limit exception?

    I've just watched a video about an emergency ambulance run in the Netherlands and apparently there it is legal to exceed the speed limit if you are getting out of the way of an emergency vehicle. Is that the case here in the UK? I know that necessity can be used as a defence but that's an...
  4. Bbigg59

    Speeding offence cancelled.

    So today I noticed that I missed my speed awareness course deadline by 3days!! So I rang the police ticketing office at least 40 times to get no answer!! Finally rang 101 (non emergency number) and explained my situation and asked if a extension would be possible as I’m only 3 days out, anyway...
  5. AverageDriver

    Running red light

    I approached temp traffic lights today on the way home as road works had just been set up. We'd waited for about 5 minutes or more with no sign of the light changing yet traffic kept coming our way. Once the coast was clear the 5 cars infront of me went through the red light so I followed...
  6. thedtjs

    Speeding ticket sent to wrong address

    Hi everyone. So I got caught speeding by an officer on new year's eve. I also recently moved house and hadn't changed the details on my licence. The officer took my details from my licence. I explained to him that I moved house and gave them my new address. He took it down and said he'd get...
  7. Rebecca Foster

    Can Police Cars Give A Speeding Ticket?

    Hi all, I was driving the other day, I was doing (not proud to say) 30 in a 20, on the other side of the road stuck in traffic was a police car. As I drove past it and looked in rear mirror, it suddenly turned it blue lights on, but it didn't turn in the road to follow me, I didn't see them...
  8. arrav

    Does a patrol car can send NIP without pulling you over if speeding

    Was wondering if a patrolling car can issue a NIP through post when they have plenty of time to stop me. I am sure i haven't speeding, however i jumped lane at a round about and entered yellow box. And also doing 40ish when it is 40 and just using the limit. I wasn't worried but at junction when...
  9. linktoinsanity

    Police Speed Guns - How long before the ticket?

    Another "Speeding" thread. The difference is that I know it was my fault, I am just interested in knowing how long I have before I can breathe a sigh of relief and also how likely it is that I will get fined/ticketed? I was driving down a dual carriage way, overtaking some cars, the speedometer...
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