1. Cadder

    Bread Maker or Stand Mixer?

    Do you use/prefer a bread maker or Stand Mixer? Why? Is there much time difference in making bread or pizza dough between the two types of machine (equal value)? We will only be making bread and pizza doughs. The occasional cake may feature but can't think of anything else we would want to make.
  2. Quartz

    Spec me a VESA stand for three monitors

    Spec me a VESA stand for three monitors. I want to neaten up my desk. I have three monitors in use right now: a 34" UW, a 24" 4K (portrait) and a 28" 4K. Two have VESA mounts and there's an adaptor available for the third. I'm thinking that because of the weight involved a clamp will be...
  3. SkidMarkKing

    Triple Monitor Stand - Ikea Linnmon Desk

    Hi guys, been a while since I posted. I purchased a triple monitor stand a while back but haven't yet fitted it. The arm clamps to the back of the desk but with the desk I have its around 2" thick and filled with cardboard. I am using one 24" benq monitor and 2 x 21.5" benq monitors. I am...
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