1. goldenblade111

    3050 stock situation question?

    I recently ordered the 3050 yesterday, thought I got lucky. I was informed today that the product was oversold, however in the coming weeks NVidia and board members would try to get orders out. Do I have a realistic chance of getting my 3050 by the end of February? I feel like if no more stock...
  2. Cheki

    OCUK shipping?

    So I ordered a load of parts last Thursday and I'm still waiting to hear about a shipping date since it's said that "Order received - not yet shipped" and I was just wondering when I could expect to get a shipping date? Only really asking because I'm a bit worried as now some of the parts I...
  3. JustinsWorld4U

    3070 Stock Question

    Ello, So it's finally happened. After 2 years of wanting my dream PC I've finally built it, but the GPU situation isn't the best so I'm running a 1050ti with a Ryzen 5 5600x while I wait. However I've noticed prices for the 3060ti are really good and that includes the shipping to Ireland. So I...
  4. Stuart Mclaughlin

    Any update on RTX 3070 stock?

    Been trying to find a RTX 3070 since last December? Is there any way to know when more are coming into stock on Overclockers?
  5. senjoys

    RX 5000 production, stock, orders and how does it all work?

    Sorry if this issue has been addressed before, but if anyone can help resolve my uncertainties - I'd be most grateful! I'm curious about stuff you can buy on Oc when it's out of stock. I noticed that the RTX 3080, for example, is not in stock (shocked Pikachu face) and so obviously can't be...
  6. Rumble11

    Rx 6800 good enough?

    Newbie here I originally got a 5700xt but it ran into a fault a few days after I was using it. Tried everything to fix it but nothing worked. RMA'd it to scan, I would've been fine with a replacement but I got a refund instead. Probably because any others are out of stock. And here I am...
  7. TheScottishEejit

    EK s360 d-rgb stock

    Hey any ideas when there will be more stock coming in ? Recently purchased the lian li o11 dynamic and want to watercool my cpu. Cant find stock for the parts I need anywhere at a decent price.
  8. Louisbonjwa

    Generally how long do 'in stock' items currently take to dispatch?

    The receipt email simply says "a delay" and doesn't specify how long so I was wondering if anyone had a general idea of how long in-stock purchases have taken to dispatch recently
  9. Wiseone85

    Did I imagine it..... 3070 stock

    Hey been lurking for a while waiting to strike... Been waiting for stock to appear using a stock checker.. ... Did this come into stock today could I ask ? GIGABYTE GEFORCE RTX 3070 GAMING OC 8GB If so great because hopefully I have ordered one..... If not then I must have been day dreaming...
  10. dean malone

    Still no 3070 update email

    Am i going mad or is it just crazy that im 114 in the queue and its been 8 days since ordering and nothing, i was expecting atleast like 300 of the asus dual as it would be so popular has no one got there's yet to even bring the queue down ??
  11. dean malone

    3070 asus dual stock

    Is there any update on this 3070 model im 114 in the queue and havent had any update since the initial queue on the 29th.
  12. David Else

    Eagles landing?

    Who is waiting for a Gigabyte Eagle? Lets update if we get them. I ordered on launch day and am number 22 in the queue...
  13. WayneDr

    Nvidia CEO confirms 3080 3090 shortages until 2021

    Not seen this posted here so thought I would share. Not good news.
  14. Feek


    Introduction This thread is for the discussion of the RTX 3080 series stock. For official updates please see the thread posted by Gibbo here (link) rules ** please read ** we would like to remind all users of the rules regarding competitors. we have been dealing with an unprecedented...
  15. Zak1221

    RTX 3090 Rog Strix OC

    Hi all, when is the rog strix 3090 oc Going to be in stock and dispatched to everyone? Me and a few friends have ordered them so asking for everyone. Thanks in advance
  16. bakersdozen22

    PSU RMA Stock Issue

    I wonder if anybody can help.. On Friday my Corsair TX550M PSU blew and I sent my whole PC back to OC via DPD for it to be replaced and to make sure no other components were harmed. However, out of curiosity I just checked the stock of a TX550M on the website and it says they don't have one...
  17. AppleUK

    AORUS AD27QD Availability

    Hello, I notice the AD27QD is unfortunately out of stock, not that surprising I suppose given the large discount. I'm interested in getting the monitor for a Christmas present and so would like to know whether anymore stock will be shipped in, and if so, how long will that take? Ideally I would...
  18. caveman OCUK

    This as an upgrade to a 1155LGA?

    HI there, im fairly new to computer building (3 to 4 years of it) and my cousins friend just bought a cheap desktop setup on eBay, (case,Mobo,CPU,RAM, Built in graphics) and wants to do some gaming on it, hes TV is only 720p and this is what iv gone with as advice for him on buying as an upgrade...
  19. Gibbo


    HI there We are the first to get stock of this incredible late Black Friday deal, we've already pre-sold near 350 units leaving just over 150 left in stock spare which could sell out over the weekend: AOC Q3279VWF 32" 2560x1440 VA 75Hz FREESYNC WideScreen LED Monitor @ £199.99 inc VAT...
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