streaming music

  1. HermanMunster


    Hi, So I have a Sonos connect which is connected to my Amplifier and Speakers, which works fine, but I’m looking for something to provide a higher quality source. All my media is on a Plex server and is a mix of 320K and lossless. I don’t nececcarly want to keep it only Sonos connected and so...
  2. preston8452

    Some Little Truths about AES/EBU.

    Hi all, Have you wondered why there are some many types of digital audio transfer benchmarks? Anyways, so it's said that AES/EBU(AES3) is the the most common alternative to the S/PDIF, and typically used to transmit PCM and Dolby Digital 5.1, the cable is formed by 110 ohm shielded twisted...
  3. Housey

    Tidal on Mac but control from iPhone/iPad?

    I have both Spotify and Tidal and though I much prefer the Spotify interface I can't get past (to my ears) the better sound quality like for like I hear in Tidal £19.99 a month subscription. So I am going to bin Spotify and fully commit to Tidal! I have a Mac Mini running the Tidal app as my...
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