1. EdGey

    3900XT sufficient for 4070 SUPER?

    Evening all, I'm looking to upgrade my PC purely for gaming performance. Ideally I need a 5800x3d and a new GPU, but I'm too tight to buy both. If I just got myself a 4070 Super for the time being, do you expect it would be significantly bottlenecked by a 3900XT? Thanks.
  2. Quartz

    Is it better to buy refresh to refresh or de novo?

    Now that refreshes have become a thing with both AMD and Nvidia, has anyone done the analysis on whether or not - flagship (cough) aside - it's better to go from new range to new range or from refreshed range to refreshed range? Since the 'super' designation goes back to Nvidia's 20 series and...
  3. Harnser

    GTX 1650 SUPER on 300W?

    5 and a bit years after I built my PC the graphics card is failing (the computer locks up during standard, non-gaming use with coloured lines and squares over the displays, then reboots. Crash dump says VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR and DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION. Happened once a week for past 4...
  4. jj007

    Palit GTX 1650 Super - So noisy - No Fanstop feature! How to slience?

    Hi All, I need advice on how to silence my brand new Palit GFX 1650 Super, (its driving me nuts!), - Apply some software wizardry - Replace with an aftermarket Artic Cooler - Bite the bullet and get a new Palit GTX 1650 KalmX fanless. I rarely play PC games now so I would be happy if I can...
  5. Quartz

    So the 2080 Ti Super is here

    MSI have released a 2080 Ti with 16 Gbps GDDR6 RAM. At a mere 5% faster than the old 2080 Ti with Ampere imminent, I think I'll pass.
  6. Gibbo


    Hi there We launch 2060 S and 2070 S tomorrow at 14:00, here are the cards you can order tomorrow from us: Inno3D GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER Twin X2 OC 8192MB GDDR6 PCI-Express Graphics Card (N207S2-08D6X-118011 @ £475.00 inc VAT N207S2-08D6X-11801167, Boost Clock: 1785MHz, Memory...
  7. Smffy

    Project: Little Bit Big.

    Thats what she said... Its time to start another probably reasonably long log! My current setup as logged here: Ryzen Era... Holding out for 2080Ti release with the 8700k and Apex... And finally now stripped out after its service to temporarily run the new RTX cards on air while I build -...
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