1. jinxpad

    6 Year old Super Flower Leadex II 1000W 80 Plus Gold - time to replace?

    Hey everyone, As per the title, I was wondering if it would be a good idea to begin thinking about replacing my PSU. I haven't had any problems and has been a rock solid PSU for the entire time I've had it, But I did read somewhere that it is recommended to replace a psu every five to six...
  2. Tom Parton


    Arriving in the New Year, the new ARGB Superflower Leadex III PSU Range! For those of you who want to RGB literally everything. Available in 550W, 650W, 750W and 850W variants. Fully Modular, 80 Plus Gold Rated and with a 7 Year Manufacturers Warranty, these PSU's are the Leadex III's...
  3. jwilliamson47

    SuperFlower Leadex II or Seasonic Prime Ultra

    Which would be the better option? Thanks.
  4. jwilliamson47

    SuperFlower Support No Reply in Regards to Replacement 24-Pin Cable

    Hi everyone, I've been a bit stupid and misplaced my SuperFlower 24-pin ATX cable. I contacted Overclockers Support who responded quickly and suggested I contact SuperFlower themselves. Unfortunately, despite emailing them twice, I've not received any reply. Anyone know if it's possible to...
  5. jwilliamson47

    What is the correct size cable combs for thr Superflower Braided Kit?

    Hi, I've decided to invest in some cable combs to improve the look of my rig. However, it seems there's different cable specifications and the combs I've seen come in different "mm" Does anyone know which is the most suitable foe the SuperFlower Braided Kit? Thanks.
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