1. Cadder

    Removing SharePoint Directory/Account From Windows Explorer

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can help me remove a SharePoint folder structure from my Windows Explorer. It's a location used for a contract with a client last year, logged into an account made by said client. The account is no longer active. This is what I see with all collapsed in the left...
  2. joeluth

    G-SYNC - weird judder

    Hi, First post on here, looking for some help! I bought an Asus Strixx GTX 1080 A8G and a Dell 2716DG (The G-Sync one) So.. I thought this would be a pretty killer combo for gaming but I'm getting a very weird issue, it's a little hard to explain but here goes.. (By the way this is content...
  3. DragonQ

    Cat6 phone extension causing VDSL sync issues

    Just had an Openreach engineer round and he found two issues that may have been causing our falling sync speeds and occasional evening of huge packet losses. One of those was the Cat6 cable I had running from the VDSL filtered faceplate (Mk3) into my patch panel. Despite the fact that it wasn't...
  4. TehGibbo

    Dell S2716DG Weird Sync Bug

    I got my Monitor like maybe half a year to a year ago and more recently I have been noticing that in the top left there is a box where it doesn't sync up well at all (takes up about as much as a 720p window would take up). I wanted to know if anyone else has had this problem and if it is...
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