system upgrade

  1. landyvlad

    PC Spec for high quality digital art in Photoshop?

    I'm hoping there may be some digital artists or pro photoshop users lurking here :) A bloke I know needs a new PC, he says. (Let's assume for the moment he wants a PC not Apple.) He does graphic design - very detailed drawings with MANY layers in photoshop. (He also does some video editing...
  2. AnthonyA85

    RAM compatibility question for Ryzen upgrade

    When i built my I7 6700k system back in 2015, i used a 32GB 2 dimm kit, this one: Corsair LPX Vengence 32GB kit (red version) Now, i'm planning to build a new system, and i want to try and reuse as many parts as i can, I had been hoping to reuse my NH-D15, but might not be able to with the...
  3. AnthonyA85

    Looking to downsize/upgrade.

    Hello folks. So... After several years of using a full size Cooler Master Cosmos 2 tower, i've finally decided it might be time to downsize a fair bit. (seriously this thing is very big and very heavy, i struggle to move it even on the desk) I'm currently running the following system: CPU: I7...
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