temperature spikes

  1. Jamboelite93

    3900x is running hot

    Hi Guys, So I just recently upgraded from a Ryzen 2600 to a Ryzen 3900x and I am struggling to keep the temps down. I am just using the default stock cooler that came with the 3900x. Whilst playing Warzone my temps go from 75 degrees to 85 degrees. I ran a realbench stress test and ended it...
  2. zac9500

    Consistent large R5 3600 Temperature spikes when benchmarking

    Hi all, I've had no luck anywhere else figuring this out. I have a new R5 3600 installed on an MSI B450 tomahawk max, cooled by a hyper 212 black in a very well ventilated case. When benchmarking AIDA64, I get 10 degree spikes of temperature from 70-72 to 80-82 degrees at consistent timed...
  3. MIke L

    Temp spikes on Ryzen 2600x and GIGABYTE X470 MB. Need and advise.

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the OC and all these things with advanced voltage settings and so on, but I guess my problem might have something to do with Vcore voltage or related stuff. If anyone had the same problem with 2600x, I'd appreciate any advise. I'm having some weird temperature behaviour...
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