1. Sanditude

    Looking for a Road/Gravel ebike with/without Throttle in UK

    Hi All, Please could someone recommend a good eBike each with 'and' without Throttle in UK? I am not looking for a full-blown eMTB, just a Road/Gravel bike that can climb some minimal hill terrain. Budget can be upto circa GBP 1500 for a decent-built bike. Also hope its Motor capacity...
  2. BlueDragon94

    RTX 3090 FE scores lower than reviews

    Hi All, So I recently finished my build and got some time yesterday to play around with my PC. I noticed right out of the box, my RTX 3090 FE was underperforming compared to the benchmarks/scores people have posted to forums. Here my PC specs: CPU: Ryzen 5900X (Stock) Cooler: NZXT X63...
  3. Devvie

    Help a newbie out: 2080 TI thermal throttling?

    Hey everyone, I bought a used Gigabyte 2080 Ti XTREME just a few days ago, and now I try to solve the mystery of a jet hiding in my PC case. Here are some screenshots of my "benchmark" results. Maybe someone can make sense of it, what the issue could be: I just...
  4. SF4AE1

    Asus FX504GM -Throttle

    Quite a noobish question here but recently got this laptop and for the most part it runs fine. I havent had any of the thermal throttling issue so far which lots of people have reported but I do get power limit throtling when gaming. Its an i7 8750h with a gtx1060 Would limiting my CPU down...
  5. lurkio

    Really interesting new Joystick and throttle in development

    For the flight sim / space sim fans throttle looks really nice Link to the manufacturers website -> Hope thse will be out soon - maybe OCuk could get them instock ?
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