touch screen

  1. lost0ne33

    Whats the best laptop/tablet/2-in-1 i can get?

    I was intrested in the Lenovo Thinkpad T430 for its build quality but i would like a brand new one, so thats out of the question. I am looking for a pre build laptop or tablet or a 2 in 1. I am looking for a cost of between £300-600 and it will be mostly for internet browsing, Spotify (so it...
  2. cg-works

    PRIMO with touch screen TV?

    Hey guys, if I had to get a PRIMO NANO and connect it to a touch screen TV would I be able to navigate it both from a keyboard, as normal, and the touch screen itself? - I’m looking for a wall mounted touch screen TV (can bracket the little PRIMO on the wall next to it), so that my family can...
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