1. tom gough

    Loop improvement

    Hello, just wondering if anyone has any ideas for improving this loop? I've had it like this since last December and never had any issues but always thought it looked abit weird/messy. I want to upgrade to some bigger tubing soon but just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions. ignore the...
  2. Job Creator

    Kinking in PETG tubing

    I have a question about kinking in PETG tubes. I completed a tube with 2 rather complicated bends. The 1st bend didn't get hot enough and the tube kinked when I started to bend it, so I reheated the spot and bent it to the other side instead and it left a dent-like scar which points into the...
  3. spongeblunt

    1/2" ID - 3/4 OD in 2020

    My 5930k has had a good life but it's starting to degrade and will only OC with Core 2 entirely disabled, so it's time to build - problem is my old rig is built with 1/2" - 3/4" flexi tube and that doesn't seem to be a widely-stocked standard anymore. Do you reckon there'll be an issue if I run...
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