1. Cheki

    GPU installation

    Built a new pc the other day, gpu is tilted upwards, using a 3080 tuf oc v2, it's not sagging or anything, its just tilted a little upwards and thought this was a bit weird, all plugged in right so nothing to worry there, wondering if anyone has had this before? *edit* images for reference...
  2. MrFunko

    ASUS 3080 TUF GAMING OC - Full power draw and Instability at Stock

    So after being in a queue since the beginning of October I finally received my 3080 2 weeks ago. Since doing a clean install of windows and running everything at stock. I found the performance not being to the standard it should be. I was getting quite low FPS in games where easily I should be...
  3. Graeme Hind

    Asus price increase and pre orders..

    With the asus price increase imminent, will overclockers honour all original pre orders? My concern is that I have seen Gibbo posting that x amount of asus tuf 3080 oc arrived, x amount of asus tuf 3080 oc now ordered and shipping.. This would suggest to me that all original pre orders were not...
  4. Lionhart27

    Asus ROG Strix or TUF?

    I will soon be buying a Asus RTX3080 GPU, probably October. I have and always will keep to Asus, don't ask me why Asus, I'm not sure myself. Maybe because all my Asus MBs and GPUs have been so reliable, and every time I need technical help, Asus have always responded fairly quickly. Not sure...
  5. Ryan_51

    Please help me decide monitor

    Firstly lots of greetings to every member. I am in search for a 4K IPS monitor and keep in mind I will be learning stuff and also for watching videos and just general things. I will also be gaming but I am not really into too much gaming so please do not suggest a 1440p monitor with a higher...
  6. The Old School Gamer

    Shoe String Budget Build (Gaming Rig Upgrade)

    [BUILD COMPLETE] This build is to replace and upgrade my ageing i7 6700k mITX gaming rig I built in 2016. So this build had under gone a few upgrades since the initial day one build in early 2020. But I think I'm finally at a point in mid 2021 where I can say that I'm happy where it is...
  7. Gibbo


    Hi there To celebrate the launch of the TUF Alliance Gaming memory from TeamGroup they are supporting some pretty crazy pre-order prices, especially when you consider this is 3000MHz, 3200MHz and 3600MHz kits, in fact this pricing makes them cheaper than nasty budget value no heatspreader...
  8. pete_agreatguy

    Asus ROG or TUF? What is the difference?

    Hi all, Looking at Z370 Asus boards. What is the difference between TUF and ROG? I realise that the ROG is the better board but why is it? Does TUF have the same quality components as the ROG? I know that the lower end Z370-A doesn't have the same quality components as the ROG. I ask because...
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