1. Zig13

    RX 5700 XT Undervolting - Confusing results

    Got myself a RX 5700 XT and thought I'd spend the weekend tweaking it to find a nice sweet spot. The stock setting reported by WattMan was 2054MHz@1173mV. Stock TimeSpy score was 8702. My first mistake was using the Mankind Divided benchmark to test stability. I had the card 'stable' (3...
  2. Khaled

    Underclocking for temperature control

    R9 270X Graphics card. I can underclock my GPU without any issues while playing games such as Dying Light. But when it comes something ‘simple’ like watching videos, it doesn’t apply the overdrive clock settings. Now, as the good people in the U.K. might know, the U.K. is currently bloody hot...
  3. Phixsator

    Underclock 4770k for small server use.

    Let me set the background first. Im on the z87 platform powered by a 4770k for my main rig, i also got a z97 mobo and everything else except the CPU for that motherboard. Now i managed to get my hands on a 4790k and 16gigs of 1866mhz ram for around 110 pounds, dirt cheap if you ask me, and i did...
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